Performance, Tuning, and Optimisation

I specialise in the development of high-speed software, algorithms, databases, protocols, and web applications. Whether you are developing a new application or want to speed up your existing one, if you need it to be fast - I can help.

Slow software is irritating and costs money: it's bad for productivity, loses customers, and forces you to buy expensive hardware that you wouldn't need if your code were more efficient.

No Improvement, No Fee

I am so keen to get my hands on your software to make it run faster, that I offer a complete guarantee: if I cannot improve the performance of your application by at least 10%, you pay nothing.

From single scripts or SQL queries, to entire complex message-passing systems, irrespective of whether you have a known issue or you just want your system to be faster, if I can't speed it up then there's no fee.

The investigation and analysis is free, the cost is fixed, and the result guaranteed - so you literally have nothing to lose.

Design and Development

If you are starting a new development project then I can help make your application lightning-fast. With a mixture of experience and best practices, you can be sure that your system will be as efficient as possible.

For larger projects I can save you money by just developing the performance-critical components, leaving your existing developer base to continue with the non-performance-critical parts.


I am skilled at identifying and resolving performance problems with existing software.

Some performance issues are easy to find - it is just one part of a system that is causing the problem. Others, however, are more trickly. It may be that there is not just one component at fault, but the interaction between many different parts that is causing the problem. These situations are harder to diagnose and resolve.

Not only do I have experience and skill of dealing with individual technologies, but I can help you to solve performance issues with systems as a whole. Don't forget - troubleshooting work is covered by the "no improvement, no fee" guarantee, so there's no reason not to get in touch.


Whatever your requirement, I can help you achieve the best performance using any of the following:

I undertake all sizes of application, from single scripts or database queries, to full multi-tier systems.


Here are some of the more notable performance improvements I have delivered:

In addition, some applications developed by me from scratch include: